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Germany’s museum about cannabis as a raw material, medicine and food

The Hanf Museum (Hemp Museum) provides comprehensive and clear information about the use of the cultivated plant cannabis as a renewable raw material, millennia-old medicinal plant and luxury goods that are used millions of times. The exhibition deals with all aspects of the hemp plant without prejudice – from its long history as a supplier of durable natural fibers, through the use of hemp seeds in food and cosmetics, to the political discussion about the legalization of hashish and marijuana. The Hanf Museum documents the important influence of hemp on human civilization and presents cannabis-related culture in the form of painting, music, etc. A growing collection of “Viennese Meerschaum pipes”, which is unique in Germany, as well as changing special exhibitions about global hemp culture invite visitors between 10 and 100 Years to come back. The Hanf Museum also offers a home in its rooms in the Nikolaiviertel for numerous initiatives and campaigns that want to actively help shape the future of the world’s most versatile plant. [/bt_bb_text][/bt_bb_column][/bt_bb_row][/bt_bb_section]