6.12. Birthday and "day of open door" of Hanf Museum Berlin - Hanf Museum

6.12. Birthday and “day of open door” of Hanf Museum Berlin

Veröffentlicht am 30. November 2016
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At Decembre 6th Hanf Museum Berlin (Hemp Museum) will celebrate the 22nd jubilee. Extact on this day before 22 years the Hanf Museum opened its doors and brought another interesting exhibition into Berlin. In the permanent exhibition locals and tourists get to know everything about the plant Cannabis. All the usages, from fibre to shives, the seeds and oil as well as the medical use is shown here.

This is all done only by private initiative and without any public financing – only with your help!

This will be celebrated and we invite friends of the house and friends of Cannabis, activists and supporters alltogether to our “day of the open door”.

In daytime there will be free entry to the Hanf Museum. Our staff will show you the exhibition and will be ready for your questions.
At the evening, there will be a small catering with bread made with hemp seeds and hemp flour. The special highlight of this evening will be six sorts of Hemp tea to taste.

We are looking forward to meet you in the museum,
yours the Hanf Museum team

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