Sponsors of the Hanf Museum - Hanf Museum

Sponsors of the Hanf Museum

The sponsors of the Hanf Museum Berlin support the educational work. If you want to sponsor the Hanf Museum or if you have any questions regarding the sponsoring, please don’t dare to contact us by eMail: info@hanfmuseum.de.

We thank our sponsors very much:

One of the most traditional and best hemp seed banks is Sensi Seeds. It was founded by Ben Dronckers, who is not only active in this segment, but also with the Amsterdam Hash Marijuana Hemp Museum, the Cannabis College, many more cultural places and the industrial company HempFlax.

Sensi Seeds Banner

“Original Sensible Seeds” is on the market since 1992 and for this a legend in United Kingdom. This was a time, when hemp seeds were only available in Amsterdam. Very new is their CBD website:

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Barney’s Farm started in the Himalaya region, where Derry was gone to deepen his knowledge about Cannabis. On his world wide trips he gathered many interesting sorts of Cannabis, which he now offers to you.

Barneys Farm - Seeds and Souveniers
Barneys Farm - Seeds and Souveniers
Barneys Farm - Seeds and Souveniers

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