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About the Hanf Museum (Hemp Museum)

Ein Museum stellt sich vor: The Hanf Museum (Hemp Museum) is unique in Germany and one of the few on the world.

In the historic heart of Berlin, the Nikolaiviertel, interested visitors can find out everything on the Cannabis – Hemp – Marijuana topic. The exhibition spans on 300 square meters and is open daily, except Mondays. Find out on all hemp-related topics and how hemp can help you!

It is also the only place in Berlin where you can see real Hemp growing!

The museums begins with a more general introduction to the plant in means of biology and agriculture. Then we go more to a historic point of view, describing more and more usages:

  • Building material, insulation and isolation material
  • hemp fibres and crafting textiles
  • usage of cellulosis and paper making
  • usage of the seeds for food, feed and care products
  • medical use and Medical Cannabis

Not only conventional use is a topic, also how the cultures of the world use hemp. We go from Jamaica to India, to Europe.
[Wolfgang Neuss]
For example we show Wolfgang Neuss, a very known Person in Germany. He not only was a film star right after the 2nd world war, he was also a really interesting and thoughtful person. He outet as a pot smoker and was discriminated.

Readers room and room for arts

The readers room is also a room for arts. Here Cannabis inspired artists can show their objects. The visitors of the Hanf Museum can also have a look into video documentarys or just use the Internet.

Museums gift shop

Hanf Museum provides a little but well sorted Headshop with all around Hemp.



Hanf Museum Berlin
Mühlendamm 5 – 10178 Berlin
eMail: info@hanfmuseum.de

  • Phone number: +49-30-2424 827

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Opening times

Mondays closed
Tuesday till Friday: 10 till 20:00
Saturday/Sunday: 12 till 20:00

Public transport

Bus M48, station ‘Nikolaiviertel’ – ca. 100m
U/S-station Alexanderplatz (U5/U8/S5/S7/S9) – ca. 700m
U-station Klosterstraße (U2) – ca. 700m
U-station Stadtmitte (U6) – ca. 600m

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